Collection: Patek Philippe Grand Complications Watches

Complications are the epitome of watchmaking skill, and a lifetime of artistry is poured into every Patek Philippe Grand Complications watch. Showcasing complicated watchmaking at its finest, Patek Philippe is a master of horological features as proven by this timeless collection. Get to know the beauty behind these pieces and buy a Patek Philippe Grand Complications watch at Trilogy Jewellers.

The history of Grand Complications by Patek Philippe

A complication describes a feature in a timepiece that goes beyond displaying the time. In 1910, Patek Philippe took this notion to the extreme, releasing a whole collection based on complications. 

The second-ever Patek Philippe Grand Complications watch was, according to beliefs, reserved for James W. Packard before WWI. A historical icon, it takes hundreds of people hundreds of hours to create every Grand Complications timepiece - even today.

To date, Patek Philippe holds more than 120 patents for its pioneering inventions.

The most valuable Patek Philippe complications

You’ll find some of the world’s most complex timepieces in this collection. It’s defined by features such as the tourbillon, minute repeater, perpetual calendar, moon phases and split-second chronographs.

The watchmaker’s most complicated wristwatch to date is the Grandmaster Chime Ref 6300A, with no less than 20 complications. It was created and sold in 2019 for $31.19m. 

In celebration of Patek’s 150th anniversary, the brand created a Calibre 89 Grand Complication pocket watch with 33 complications, 1728 components and 126 jewels. It was made in 1989, marking the start of a new era for watchmakers and later selling at Sotheby’s for £3.8 million.  

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Patek Philippe Grand Complications watches: In the spotlight

Patek Philippe Grand Complications watches are those timepieces recognised by only the most dedicated collector; they receive a nod of approval from fellow enthusiasts. 

Kevin Hart, one of Hollywood’s biggest watch collectors, owns two Patek Grand Complications, including a platinum Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Grand Complication and a rose gold Split-Seconds Chronograph and Perpetual Calendar. In 2019, Jay-Z sported his $2.2m Grandmaster Chime in white gold.

In the world of sport, Lionel Messi wore a platinum Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar at the FIFA Awards in 2022. The green-dial Ref. 5270P was released just the year before. Priced at $218,820, it comes with a 30-minute counter, chronograph movement CH 29-535 PS Q and shows day/night, day, month, leap year and moon phases 

FAQs about Patek Philippe Grand Complications

What is the most complicated Patek Philippe wristwatch?

The Grandmaster Chime is the most complicated Patek Philippe wristwatch ever made. It contains 20 complications, a reversible case and two independent dials, and six patented innovations.

Why are Patek Philippe Grand Complications so expensive?

You can expect a high price for every Patek Philippe Grand Complications because of sheer innovation combined with low production quantities. Unparalleled craftsmanship goes into every Patek Philippe watch, but the Grand Complications collection is the epitome of fine watchmaking, made only possible by master craftspeople and superior materials.


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