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Bringing contemporary jewellery to Hatton Garden

Trilogy Jewellers was conceptualised for the confident man and woman, who wants to wear something that no one else has. As the only jewellery shop in London’s Hatton Garden that stocks some of the rarest and most exclusive timepieces in the world, we’re a unique space offering a luxurious alcove in the heart of the busy city.

Renowned for our ability to get our hands on ultra-rare, used Swiss watches and contemporary jewellery, Trilogy Jewellers brings you the most desirable pieces at discount prices.

As the foremost experts in the high end second hand luxury watches and jewellery sector, we’re constantly scanning the market to capitalise on new trends and provide our clients with the opportunity to invest in luxury timepieces - at the right time and price point. Delivering unwavering standards of quality and professionalism, every visitor to our Hatton Garden store can look forward to exceptional treatment.

New & Second hand luxury watches for London, UK

Trilogy Jewellers is perhaps best known for our uncanny ability to source rare timepieces that others cannot. When we first opened our store, we set ourselves the challenge to locate any watch faster than anyone else at the best prices. To this day, we’re still the go-to jeweller for visitors that want to wear second hand Swiss watches that have a stamp of rarity.

In addition to our sourcing service, and our status as one of the UK’s largest stockholders of Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe, we also provide a premium bespoke jewellery service.

We believe that the art of personalisation goes a long way. The stamp that makes a gift truly unique, or a piece truly “yours”, Trilogy Jewellers brings the tradition of bespoke diamond jewellery to London, crafting timeless pieces that express your individuality.

Visit us in Hatton Garden!

Browse our online collection of high-end watches and contemporary jewellery, or visit our jewellery shop in Hatton Garden, London. There’s really no substitute for holding quality in your hands, so we invite you to head to our store and meet our team of advisors.

Whatever your goal - whether it’s to buy a gift or invest in the space of luxury watches - we can guide you through our range and help you uncover that perfect piece.

Trilogy Jewellers is located at the centre of the UK’s jewellery and watch industry, so you can count on speedy same-day watch sourcing and refurbishments.


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