Collection: Jaeger-LeCoultre Watches

A Swiss manufacturer possessing almost 200 years of history, Jaeger-LeCoultre can be found at the intersection of luxury, art, music and creativity. With some of the most intricate and artistic complications, the brand takes its inspiration from the future while showcasing bold vintage designs.

The history of JLC

Jaeger-LeCoultre began as a small workshop in the midst of a remote Swiss valley in 1833. An inventor named Antoine LeCoultre first set up the workshop, spending his time handcrafting timepieces that presented a strong spirit of innovation.

Jaeger-LeCoultre went on to become one of the only watch manufacturers to create, develop, decorate and produce all of its timepieces in-house. Bringing every aspect together under one roof was revolutionary for the watch industry.

Moving forward to 1903, Jacques-David LeCoultre met a Frenchman named Edmond Jaeger. They fused French style with Swiss technique, starting with Jaeger challenging the LeCoultre house to create an ultra-thin movement of Jaeger’s own design.

Today, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s untamable creative spirit lives on. It’s celebrated by ambassadors such as Lenny Kravitz, Jackson Lee, Anna Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult.

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Trilogy Jewellers has curated a selection of new and pre-owned Jaeger-LeCoultre watches. The home of timeless designs, passion and excellent craftsmanship, you know you’re in good company with a Jaeger-LeCoultre on your wrist.

Collections include the Master, Polaris, Reverso, Rendez-Vouz and Atmos — each bringing its own take on innovation and standing up as a pillar of excellence for the brand. If you’re searching for more JLC watches, visit us in our Hatton Garden showroom. Otherwise, ask about our same-day sourcing service. Our vast global network means we can source most rare new and pre-owned Jaeger-LeCoultre watches within a day or two.

You can also explore Vacheron Constantin watches, Patek Philippe watches and Audemars Piguet watches at Trilogy Jewellers.

The latest Jaeger-LeCoultre watches for sale at Trilogy

An unmistakable highlight from Jaeger-LeCoultre at Watches and Wonder 2023 was its announcement of three new Reverso Tribute models. Since being created at the height of the Art Deco artistic movement in 1931, Reverso’s design has been shaped by the “Golden Ratio” - a proportion that humans instinctively find to be the most aesthetically pleasing, and a universal signifier of beauty.

This geometrical take on design has anchored the Reverso through the decades, and the 2023 releases honoured this. This time around, though, the Reverso Chronograph of 1996 has been reinvented with the new Calibre 860 which now reveals the time indication on both the front and reverse.

The Reverso Tribute Duoface Tourbillon becomes a flying tourbillion set within an ultra-thin Duoface movement, while we see new dials on four new Reverso Tribute Small Seconds models. Colourways range from classical silver to rich burgundy and black and, as it’s a Monoface Reverso, the case flips to a classic closed case-back. This invites the wearer to add a personalised engraving or other decoration.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jaeger LeCoultre Watches

Are Jaeger-LeCoultre watches a good investment?

As some of the most desirable timepieces out there, Jaeger-LeCoultre watches generally hold their value well. The manufacturer continues to set new standards in its crafting of minute repeaters, perpetual calendars, tourbillons and ultra-slim designs, and it’s no surprise to see it on the portfolio wish lists of many seasoned investors.

Do your research before you buy a Jaeger-LeCoultre for investment reasons because, although some models hold their value well (such as the JLC Master Ultra-Thin Moon), that doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily increase in value. 

Look for rare, vintage and limited-edition timepieces, such as the Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrotourbillon. For personalised investment advice from our experience, contact Trilogy. 

How much is my Jaeger-LeCoultre worth?

JLC watches carry high price tags for a number of reasons. Mostly, though, it’s down to the fact that they’re one of few watchmakers in the world to manufacture everything in-house. In an era where we mostly expect mass production, this commitment to handcrafting gives JLC watches something special. The most affordable new Jaeger-LeCoultre watch is a stainless steel Lady Reverso, costing around $3500. Rare pieces like the Master Grande Tradition come to over $470,000, and the most expensive Jaeger-LeCoultre on the current market is the Hybris Mechanica Grande Sonnerie, at $2.5 million.

Your watch’s condition, age and rarity determine its worth. As a general guide, the Duometre collection is worth the most, followed by the Reverso range.

Want to sell your Jaeger-LeCoultre? Trilogy Jewellers is always looking to buy JLC watches, and you’re welcome to part-exchange yours for a different, exclusive model or to do an outright sale.

We accept pre-owned Jaeger-LeCoultre watches as well as pieces from other luxury brands. Our expert team can provide a free valuation before you commit to anything, so you can find out how much your JLC watch is worth. Reach out to Trilogy for the best possible price and a smooth sales process.

Where Can I Buy JLC Watches?

Experience the feeling of wearing a watch that’s classic in design and bold in execution. Trilogy Jewellers stocks a collection of Reverso and other JLC watches, online and in our Hatton Garden boutique. Simply order online or visit our store to discover what’s on offer. Frankie and the team have a deep knowledge of Jaeger-LeCoultre watches and we’d be glad to help you make the right decision — whether that’s for an investment or personal wear.

Searching for a particular JLC watch? We can usually source the luxury timepieces that others can’t. Simply give us a call on 0203 9298227 to discuss our unmatched sourcing service.


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