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Indulge in Trilogy’s curation of diamond engagement rings and iconic diamond rings from brands like Cartier. These expertly crafted diamond rings for women are an expression of love, whether you’re about to propose or just want to showcase how you feel. Scroll for a selection of classic solitaires and eye-catching designs you don’t see anywhere else, for the woman who likes to make a statement.

A short history of diamond rings & proposals

The tradition of gifting a ring to mark an accepted marriage proposal is thought to take its inspiration from ancient Roman customs, when wives wore rings attached to small keys.

Diamond engagement rings, as we know them today, go back to 1477 when Archduke Maximillian of Austria presented the first ever one to Mary of Burgundy.

And of course, the tradition continued. De Beers launched its slogan “A Diamond is Forever” in 1947, which has held up to this day.

Trends might have shifted throughout the centuries but the sentiment remains the same: A diamond engagement ring is the promise of a life lived together.

Shopping for diamond engagement rings

When you’re not sure where to start with diamond engagement ring shopping, consider looking to celebrities for inspiration. Megan Fox’s sparkler, for example, was voted the most iconic ring in 2023.

Just remember that engagement rings don’t have to be red carpet-worthy when it comes to price.

The perfect diamond ring starts with considering your budget, her preferred metal (yellow gold, white gold or platinum) and the ideal cut and size of the diamond.

You could opt for classic oval or round-cut, dazzling halo diamonds, or a modern pear-cut diamond.

Trust the people who know diamond rings for women

For a seamless experience, always buy diamond rings for women from a trusted name. Trilogy is a leading jeweller based in Hatton Garden, London.

We offer a fully insured courier service, global home delivery or click-and-collect options, and 0% finance, so you can shop with confidence.

From diamond rings to diamond bracelets and other jewellery, only the highest-quality pieces make it into our collections.

Diamond ring FAQs

How much should I spend on an engagement ring in the UK?

You’ve probably heard a lot of “rules” about how much to spend on an engagement ring, but we’re here to dispel those myths. You really don’t need to spend three months’ salary if that doesn’t work for you. Simply work with the budget you have and select the ring you’re most drawn to - and the one you think she’ll love most.

Do real diamonds hold their value?

Like any asset, the value of diamonds changes over time. As a general rule, diamonds retain their market value. In some cases, the value of a diamond could increase (especially when you take inflation into account). Just be sure to look after your diamond ring to give it the best chance of holding value for years to come.

What makes a diamond ring more expensive?

A handful of factors drive up the price of a diamond ring. The most prominent cost factor is the diamond, or combination of diamonds. A larger, whiter, clearer diamond with a better cut will contribute to a more expensive ring.


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