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Classic silhouettes and designs you’ll never fall out of love with. The diamond bracelet transitions from an everyday staple to stunning bridal jewellery, making this a collection that’s worth the investment. You found the perfect romantic gesture or thoughtful gift for a woman in your life, or just an opportunity to treat yourself. Scroll for luxurious diamond bracelets for women. Buy now, wear forever.

Timeless diamond bracelets for women

The classic diamond bracelet is a simple yet opulent piece of jewellery that will always be in style. This is a symbol of luxury that transcends the ages. The likes of Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe were once fans of the diamond tennis bracelet, with the trend experiencing a revival today. The iconic design has been seen on the wrists of Taylor Swift, Kate Moss and Penelope Cruz, to name a few.

The legacy of the diamond tennis bracelet

The diamond tennis bracelet has been around since the Roaring 20s when it was reserved for the most elaborate parties. It rose to fame when tennis player Chris Evert wore - and lost - hers on the court in 1978.

Play was briefly suspended as Evert announced she needed to find her “tennis bracelet”. The name stuck and the bracelet became an icon once again.

It’s an understated yet instantly recognisable bracelet to jewellery aficionados – and it’s truly timeless.

Build your diamond bracelet style

Make your own style rules. Every diamond bracelet for women can be worn individually or as part of a head-turning jewellery stack.

Play with delicate styles in narrow widths or pair your diamond bracelet with a luxury watch to make a statement. Explore diamond necklaces to complete your collection.

Diamond bracelet FAQs

Can you wear a diamond bracelet every day?

Absolutely. Why save your most beautiful possessions for special occasions? The understated beauty of diamond bracelets makes them an item you can carry everywhere – from the workplace to your wedding day.  And, if Chris Evert is anything to go by, you can even wear a diamond tennis bracelet to sporting events. Sparkly pieces that elevate every outfit, you never have to take your diamond bracelet off.

Do diamond bracelets hold value?

We can’t say for sure if diamond bracelets for women will hold or appreciate in value, but history shows some diamond bracelets can hold their value over time. This depends on factors such as the brand and condition of your bracelet, and the quality of the diamonds it holds. If the time does come to sell your diamond bracelet, talk to a reputable jeweller to get the best price. 

Can you shower with a diamond tennis bracelet?

Diamond tennis bracelets are designed to last and in most cases, will hold up well with 24/7 wear. However, we recommend taking it off to shower, swim and use a sauna. Over time, salt and minerals in the water could tarnish precious metals and dull the sparkle of the diamonds. Better to play on the safe side to keep your jewellery in the best possible condition.

How often should I clean my diamond bracelet?

As a general guide, aim to have any diamond jewellery professionally cleaned once or twice a year. Of course, this can depend on your lifestyle. If you wear the jewellery constantly or in dirtier environments, you might want to clean your bracelet more often than someone who only wears theirs on special occasions. There are ways to clean your jewellery at home between professional washes. Just be sure to do your due diligence so you only use products and materials that are safe.


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