New Rolex Watches of 2023 | The Unveiling of 8 Creations

New Rolex Watches of 2023 | The Unveiling of 8 Creations

The wait is over. Following months of whispers, today Rolex has unveiled its bold collection of new watches for 2023.In a bid to keep us counting down the minutes to the announcement, Rolex dropped a teaser video that drip-fed clues about which models would be iterated upon.

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With Watches and Wonders taking place in Geneva from the morning of March 27th, we can finally stop guessing. Rolex’s new watches of 2023 have arrived.

2023 new Rolex watch announcements: The highlights

Let’s face it: When it comes to Rolex, pretty much everything is a highlight.

This year’s announcement included some surprises and some updates we’d predicted. The wait with bated breath is over - here are the Rolex watchesthat are finally available to add to your portfolio.

“An ever-present challenge manifested in the brand’s ambition to perfect every component, question every method, and master every aspect of watchmaking expertise. The new Rolex watches unveiled in 2023 illustrate a desire to reinvent while preserving a sense of continuity, to innovate while being mindful of tradition, and to leverage technology in daring to create. Only through exacting demands are exemplary timepieces formed. Watches that, with time, become icons.”-Rolex 

Cosmograph Daytona

It’s the Daytona’s 60th anniversary this year, so a new Daytona was inevitable. We were expecting something big to celebrate the occasion. After all - the Daytona is one of the most popular models of all time; it deserves a carpet roll-out. Rolex delivered in more than one way.“The pursuit of excellence - a race with no finish line.” - Rolex

The entire Daytona as we know it has been discontinued. A new 126 reference has replaced the 116 across the board. Our favourite from this line (and the one on everyone’s lips) is the new Daytona Platinum, reference 126506. It’s the first Rolex professional model to feature a sapphire caseback that showcases the updated 4131 movement, which has had a facelift since the previous 4130 generation. The new look is more visually striking, tempting more Rolex fans everywhere to go for the sapphire caseback.

This is the first time the Daytona has gotten a new calibre since Rolex took things in-house. Calibre 4131 is an evolution of Calibre 4130, bringing innovations including the reduction of energy loss.

In 2023, the legend lives on with adjustments and evolutions - albeit subtle ones. 2023’s take on the Daytona keeps it at 40mm, although at first glance they might look like they’ve been upsized. An updated display showcases a new graphic balance, and a play around with colours and finishes that accentuate the contrast between dial and counters. A modern aesthetic marked by more visual harmony.

The case, too, has been redesigned. Select versions of the Daytona have a Cerachrom bezel in ceramic, where the bezel is edged with the same metal as the case, giving extra shine to the watch and making the dial look deceptively larger than it is.

Perpetual 1908

The Perpetual 1908 marks the beginning of a new collection. An immortalisation of Rolex’s age-long daring spirit, we’re seeing a new level of class in a timepiece that expertly blends tradition with modernity.

The 1908 takes inspiration from a 1931 Oyster Perpetual, but redesigns the traditional, slimmer wristwatch. A transparent case back, an all-new Calibre 7140 and a Dualclasp that shapes itself to the wrist for added comfort are the features that set this line up for icon status.

“The new face of excellence.” -Rolex

This dress watch is cased in either 18-carat weight gold or yellow gold with alligator straps and sapphire crystals that line the front and back. Despite its elegant outlook, it has a water resistance that rings in at 50 metres.

Yacht-Master 42

“The ally of those seeking freedom of movement”, the new Rolex Yacht-Master 42 in RLX titanium is being hailed as Rolex’s first truly wearable titanium sports watch. We won’t get hung up on the fact that it’s Rolex’s second full titanium watch of the year, with the 50mm Deepsea Challenge being somewhat less wearable.

As you’d expect, this piece has been put to the test in the world of competitive sailing, featuring a technical satin finish for a subtle blend of light and texture.

“Lightness - a quality to be taken seriously.” -Rolex

This is the first time RLX titanium has landed in the Yacht-Master range. It’s a grade 5 titanium alloy chosen for its strength, corrosion resistance and lightness. In fact, choosing to use this metal cut down the weight of the watch by about one-third compared to steel.

Other advancements include extra polishing on the upper edge of the coin-edge bezel, for a brighter look, as well as titanium polishing for a refined finish. Proving that bigger can sometimes be better, the new Yacht-Master 42 boasts maxi diver-style indices and an oversized “lollipop” seconds hand.

This iteration of the Yacht-Master is one that no one expected. Nevertheless, it’s been very well-received and we’re confident it will be a big hit.


It might be Rolex’s most complicated collection, but the brand has released three new jaw-dropping variants of the Sky-Dweller in 2023.While the watch’s profile remains the same, we’re seeing subtle enhancements that provide a big effect on excellence. Plus, Rolex introduces a new movement packed with the latest advances in their in-house technology.

“An elegant and trusted companion for world travellers.” -Rolex

The stainless steel showstopper of the year features a stunning green dial that could be the cousin of the newly-released Datejust green dials. In our opinion, this green dial paired with a Jubilee bracelet looks even better than the steel blue. Could this watch reign supreme as the king of the steel Sky-Dwellers?

Over to the other variants, the new Sky-Dweller range welcomes back 18-carat white gold, which is combined with a black dial and Oysterflex strap. We haven’t seen a white gold Sky-Dweller for a few years now, so this release certainly secured our attention. Thirdly, a blue-green dial meets 18-carat Everose pink gold, for a new contrast that works so well with the rose gold case we’ve come to know and love.

The Sky-Dweller movement is equipped with the new Calibre 9002. This is an upgrade on the Calibre 9001, one of Rolex’s most complex movements, which has driven the Sky-Dweller since 2012. 9002 brings onto the scene modern technical innovations including Chronergy escapement, Paraflex shock absorbers and a new oscillating weight.

GMT-Master II

The GMT-Master II acts as the wearer’s connection to the world, allowing them to track time in other time zones. We’d heard vague yet unconfirmed rumours that Rolex would re-introduce the classic yellow-gold bracelet anda two-tone steel and gold Rolesor bracelet. Those rumours came true in 2023.

The new GMT Rolesor and fully yellow gold feature a bi-coloured black and grey Cerachrom bezel and Jubilee bracelet. The gleaming gold of the bracelet and the juxtaposition of light and dark on the dial is reminiscent of the alternation of day and night. And, according to Rolex, is designed to “evoke the path of the sun”.

For us, the introduction of a solid yellow-gold Jubilee bracelet on a sports model is an exciting touch from Rolex. We can’t wait to get this in hand.

“Exemplary craftsmanship is borne out by the choice of materials and precision of the finishes, which come together to show the watch in its best light.” -Rolex

Rolex announcement sees the return of yellow gold to the GMT-Master II, along with the same Calibre 3285 that drives the existing line. What this version brings is 18-carat yellow gold hands for a striking contrast against a black lacquer dial.

Explorer 40

Just two years ago, Rolex delighted fans by reducing the 39mm Explorer model to 36mm. In an unexpected turn of events, today the Explorer is larger than ever - measuring in at 40mm.

“Adventure on a grand scale.” -Rolex

So why the growth spurt? The new Explorer 40 brings enhanced legibility to all of the qualities explorers have grown to love about this watch. Expect the same calibre 3230 movement, a stainless steel case and a dial you’ll recognise immediately.

New to the Explorer is an Oyster case with a 40mm diameter, the epitome of robustness and reliability. The crystal is engineered with virtually scratch-proof sapphire, with an anti-reflective coating. The Chromalight display, on the other hand, emits a blue glow in dark conditions and a white hue in the daytime, for around-the-clock legibility.

Oyster Perpetual

A celebration of the vibrant colours Rolex launched in 2020, all brought together on one dial in bubble form. The Crown brings us fun and vibrancy in the Oyster Perpetual of 2023, with a Tourqouise dial featuring bubbles in candy pink, turquoise, coral, yellow and green.

Quirky, effervescent, euphoric. The dial was decorated in a strictly controlled environment to prevent contamination, with the utmost precision required at every stage to create the “marvel of colour” in front of us now.

“Creativity and masterful technique.” -Rolex

The latest iterations of the Oyster Perpetual are made from Oystersteel, a Rolex-exclusive alloy with anti-corrosion properties similar to those of precious metals.

Day-Date 36

Inspired by the Mediterranean coast, Rolex unveiled three new additions to its Day-Date line. Shimmering dials of decorative stone in green aventurine, carnelian and turquoise evoke thoughts of sunsets and deep glistening oceans, and are made respectively from 18-carat Everose gold, 18-carat yellow gold and 18-carat white gold.

“Every dial a discovery.” -Rolex

When the Day-Date first launched in 1956, it was the first timepiece to show the date as well as the day of the week, in an arc-shaped window. The new versions stay faithful to this feature. 

What’s astounding here is that each watch is truly one-of-a-kind. The prestige comes from a union of stones, gems and precious metals, which each offer their own nuances to make each dial a unique work of art.

The gold used throughout the range was created and cast in Rolex’s in-house foundry. These alloys can’t be found anywhere else, and are made up of 75% pure gold alongside silver, copper, palladium and indium.

Own the newest members of the Rolex family

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