How Often to Service a Luxury Watch

How Often to Service a Luxury Watch

Your mechanical watch needs some regular love and care to maintain its value and keep it performing at its best. Treat it like a classic car. Without the right treatment, it could break down and deteriorate in value. When centuries of expertise have gone into your watch, with so much intricacy it’s hard to fathom, regular servicing is essential to keep things ticking along, for a timepiece that lasts a lifetime.

But how often should you service your watch? Well, advice rangesfrom3-10 years, with some experts suggesting you should get your watch examined once a year. The need to “overhaul” a timepiece also depends on its use. If you’re wearing it regularly and storing it properly, you might be able to wait longer.

In this guide, we’re going to get more specific. Discover the recommendations for service schedules for some of the most prominent luxury brands on the market.

Remember to keep hold of all receipts and documentation when your luxury timepiece undergoes a service, especially if you plan to sell it further down the line.

Audemars Piguet

The general recommendation is to service your Audemars Piguet every 3-5 years. If you’ve noticed a decline in the watch’s accuracy or general functioning, or the water resistance feature isn’t in tip-top shape, it’s time to take it for a service.

Usually, an AP service takes up to 5 weeks if it’s no longer under warranty, though at Trilogy Jewellers, we’re able to do it in less time. You can give your AP the proper care through regular winding, cleaning, ensuring it’s a proper fit, wearing any other jewellery on your other wrist, and making sure the crown and push pieces are screwed down before immersing it in water.


Most Rolex’s only need to be servicedevery 10 years, though this can vary slightly depending on the model and level of usage. Servicing is important to maintain accuracy and waterproof qualities of the timepiece.

During a service, your Rolex will be dismantled so all components can be ultrasonically cleaned. Any parts that are no longer up to scratch will be replaced with genuine Rolex parts. Following the service, you’ll receive a guarantee - keep this for your records.

Avoid polishing your Rolex at home; leave the professional polishing to an Official Rolex Service Centre. 


To keep your Cartier watch ticking properly, you should have it serviced at least every 5 years.

Your Cartier is supposed to last a lifetime, and a service is important to return the movement of your watch to perfect working order. A watchmaker will disassemble the watch, clean the case and bracelet, carry out any refurbishments and inspections, and put it back together. They will also replace any damaged components with genuine parts.

Patek Philippe

Your Patek Philippe should be serviced every 3-5 years, or more if you’ve noticed any problems. This is a watch that’s made to be handed down through generations, and proper care and regular overhauls help to make that happen.

Depending on the model and complexity of the movement, a specialist repair can take anywhere between 6 and 12 weeks. Take your watch to an Authorised Service Centre for a service that meets the standards set by Patek Philippe. At Trilogy Jewellers, we have the expertise to carry out a complete service faster than many others.

Richard Mille

Take your Richard Mille for a service every 4-5 years, but don’t hesitate to opt for specialist cleaning more regularly, especially if there’s a special occasion coming up. The brand takes a unique approach to servicing, and every new owner can claim a free service in the first three years, which extends the warranty for an extra two years.

The proper storage of your Richard Mille keeps the watch in peak condition, maintaining its value and safeguarding for the future. 

Servicing & repairs at Trilogy Jewellers

For a timepiece that lasts a lifetime and beyond, Trilogy Jewellers provides servicing and repairs in Hatton Garden. Ask us about an overhaul or refurbishment for your watch by calling 0203 929 8227.


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